COOKSUPPLY ESSENTIALS is our line of non-food products. It consists kitchen utensils, dishes and instruments that make our experience of dining or cooking better.  After defining and selecting various materials and brands we developed our own criteria. Price-Quality-Functionality is our most important aspect choosing kitchen utensils. We explain to you in depth why we choose specific features and how to recognize similar quality products in stores around you.



Kitchen Tweezers

A relatively new instrument used in professional kitchens, mainly thanks to the innovative Fèrran Adria. The molecular kitchen caused different techniques paired with a different point of view on food. While plating dishes, there is nothing so precise as small tweezers.

Because kitchens evolve and require strict hygiene measurements, this instrument takes over the jobs of our hands. Besides plating, it’s also commonly used to turn pasta knots, turn fish and vegetables. Also it is being used by waiters in restaurants, to offer napkins or plating at the dining table. Tweezers give the demonstration extra flair.

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Windmill Knives (COOKSUPPLY Edition)

Choosing a chef’s knife is one of the most difficult choices for a professional chef. If done right, you make an investment for at least 20 years. If choosing a lower quality knife you are likely to buy a new one next year, depending how much you use it. It was a hard journey to find a professional knife maker to meet our standards as most of the European kitchenknife makers work with a low quality steel. This will result in bits coming of the knife, losing sharpness rapidly and in overall; not cutting with ease. 

To find a knifemaker that has eye to the quality of cutting, pays attention to design and comfort of the grip we had to try a lot of knives. Ofcourse we know that Japanese knives are one of the finest in the world, but the cost of exportation and lots of intermediaries drive the price up to €220,00 as a starting cost for high quality knives.

If checking the actual potential of the blade, we are going to need to know the hardness of the blade. This will be measured in HRC Rockwell. Buying a kitchen knife of €15,00 (for example an outlet in your supermarket) will give you a knife that is machine made, between the 48 HRC-52 HRC. The sharpest and most expensive knives are handmade, folding layers of steel and achieving a stunning 59 HRC – 63 HRC.

“Does this mean that cheap knives aren’t sharp?”No. You can grind cheap knives really sharp, but they lose the sharpness as soon as you use them. This can be a frustrating moment especially when you are cooking often at home or as a professional. Needless to say is that the more expensive the knife, the more sleek design you will find. Cheap knives are less well-thought in comfort, and you can sustain injuries to your hand because of the pressure of the knives handle. 


As you can see, a lot of different hallmarks to pay attention to. We haven’t included personal choice of designs as well! To find a knife that is handmade, has long traditional history, uses the finest steel, has a guarantee, and is affordable we could only work together with one single manufacturer. Robert Herder a.k.a. “Windmill knives producer”

Windmill knives have an outstanding reputation in and outside Germany for their quality steel and techniques of folding the steel. Their A-class knives reach a 60 HRC Rockwell, due to the steel obtained in Solingen and their unique “Blue Glazing”  The family company was found in 1873, making it a reliable manufacturer, even after 4 generations. Here you can see a Windmill office pairing knife after 80 years of work.



We proudly present you 2 “must need” knives from the Herder family. The modern and robust Lignum 3 and the blue-glazed office knife. These knives are made from carbon steel, which means that it is not stainless steel and the knives will develop a dark patina the more you use them. We are in fond of this material because once it’s sharpened by the manufacturer, it stays sharp. The carbon knives also have a better HRC Rockwell score.

Just like other high quality knives, you should rinse these knives by hand and without detergents. Keep the knives stored in a dry environment and like this, you made an investment for your next 25 years. Because the Herder family believes in us just as we believe in them, we can offer you the best price for these limited edition knives. Besides obtaining a unique edition, you save money for these timeless pieces of craftsmanship. 



“Lignum 3 COOKSUPPLY Edition”

The design is modern, chef´s knife and a little bit that of a Japanese Santoku (Vegetable knife) The fit is excellent thanks to the well-thought design and plum wood handle. These knives come razor sharp. After unboxing you can cut paper in half, cut wet sponges and vegetables without any problem. This is thanks to the strict selection process they maintain at their factory in Solingen. For more pictures and affording a “Lignum 3” Click here



“Office knife middle pointed COOKSUPPLY Edition”

To pair with the bigger Lignum 3 we selected a vegetable pairing knife made from the same materials. Plumwood gives an excellent grip and modern color. The carbon steel works out just as good for small knives. The blue glazed finish by the ironsmiths give this knife cutting properties that we haven’t seen before in a knife from this price category. The pointed edge makes it suitable for piercing meat and fish. This design also allows you slicing very thin, and carving as well. This is the most versatile small knife we can offer you.To see more pictures or affording an office knife from Robert Herder Click here

Starting a professional career or do you need a versatile set of knives at home/as a gift? Click here to buy them both for an even more reduced price! 

We are proud to serve the best materials and ingredients to passionate people. 


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