COOKSUPPLY Caviar is our professional line of caviar. Here we have our selection based on the best quality for the best price. Ordering from Spain results in a benefit that a 10% VAT is applied. Read down below how we made this special selection for you, 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Should there be any questions about different sizes of caviar cans feel free to ask us at Contact

Caviar in general

Caviar is one of our ingrediënts where the production doesn’t take place in Spain. COOKSUPPLY uses 2 types of caviar which come from Iran and Russia. This caviar is produced from the HUSO HUSO and HUSO Dauricus. All commercially sold caviar in the world has been cultivated, because  wild caviar endangers the species. The flavour and quality of caviar comes from the age of the used sturgeons, the variëty, the food used & the environment.

The caviar that we offer you come from, is processed by an experienced Russian company in Barcelona. These experienced craftsmen travel to Iran and Russia to buy batches of caviar (every batch is 5 kg) which they perform a series of tests to obtain the highest quality caviar. For example, the individual eggs must be at least between the 2mm and 3mm each, and salt must be used very limited. 

After testing and sampling the caviar it is transported to Spain to be packed, pasteurized and distributed in the typical round drums. Like this the caviar doesn’t oxidize with air and light. The caviar can be stored at least 3 months. 

COOKSUPPLY offers 2 sorts of caviar which are more cheaper, have better quality because the negotiation terms between Spain and Russia are more advantageous.

Iranian Caviar


The king of caviars. With this caviar we can offer you one of the best caviars worldwide. With the individual size between the 2mm-3mm and a soft, creamy texture that persists in the mouth. For caviar fans; a caviar for making special moments more special.

Order Iranian Beluga Caviar here

Order Russian Beluga Caviar here


We are proud to offer you a Beluga caviar for a low price! In the price category of a Baerii or Osciëtra we offer you real BELUGA. The price remains low thanks to good negotiation terms and succesfully breeding of the Huso Dauricus x Acipenser Schrenkii (Respectivly Kaluga; Russian Beluga and Amur sturgeon) Both caviars produced by these fish are named equally Beluga. This is a freshwater or rivercaviar. They enjoy an individual size between the 2.2mm-3.5mm Used best for menu’s or natural. 

How to recognize good (BELUGA) caviar?

The containers are perfectly sealed and the lids must be opened with a spoon or a knife. This way we can be assured that the pasteurization process has been applied well, and that the product is safe to eat. Once we open the can, the can is filled to the top with caviar, there shouldn’t be empty spots.

The eggs have mostly the same size, but more important; intact. Lots of broken lumps resullt in a bad quality caviar. The colour varies from grey-black with a golden shine to green-grey. The flavour is creamy, briny and slightly nutty that persists in the mouth. A bad taste should be; extremely salty and fishy, a hint of boiled eggs. Mold is prohibited on your fresh bought caviar, return this to your dealer.  Buy good caviar in our “Create package” section:  here


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 Enjoy the real flavors.

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