Welcome to COOKSUPPLY. This is your place to find quality ingrediënts, at work or at home. We export excellent grade goods from Spain to elsewhere in the world. We only collaborate with talented farmers and producers that have an outstanding reputation in the Iberian peninsula. Our products have a guarantee for good healthy properties and their respective quality hallmarks.


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Jeffrey van Zijl

My name is Jeffrey van Zijl, former youngest 2 michelin starred chef of Europe. Using the knowledge obtained from the best restaurants on the eastcoast of Spain, I started this project in the end of 2019 to change mediterranean interpretations elsewhere In Europe.

Starting a career in 2007 in the city of Goes, Holland, I’ve crossed various restaurants In the Netherlands, France and Spain. In my experience I can count to Het Binnenhof, Scherp, De Librije, Inter Scaldes, Les Deux Frères, La Salita, Bon Amb, Ricard Camarena.

I’m passionate about gastronomy, and finding out about the origins of food and culture. Also an active believer of “What you eat is What you are” a profound supporter of fresh and sustainable foodsupplies.

Active as a distributor, I can give a lot of food solutions to your needs so feel free to write me.

I want to create on this website a portal of ingredients and recipes of how to properly use Mediterranean ingredients, to have the results at home which we enjoy so much on the Valencian coast.


Nigell Rietveld

My name is Nigell Rietveld, 21 years of age and I grew up 20 kilometer at the north side of Amsterdam in the village of Purmerend. Since this year I am the sales representative of COOKSUPPLY in the Netherlands and together with Jeffrey we have built up COOKSUPPLY to where we are now.

Working with Jeffrey is with a professional and that’s what I want. He has direct contacts with the suppliers because they believe in COOKSUPPLY, and also because he is so passionate about his work and knowledge of regional products. This is for me the chance to build something together and introduce these products outside Spain. My passion is also to look for the best and most beautiful products, so a perfect combination. I would also like to share my knowledge of the products with future and existing customers and provide them with the best service.

I have now been in the profession for 6 years in which I can express all my creativity and passion. Graduated and ready to make COOKSUPPLY a success in the Netherlands & beyond.


    Legal number/KVK-nummer: ESY3664870H         Tel: +31623710546

 Enjoy the real flavors.

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